Friday, August 21, 2009

What's going on white people?

Nicked this from Macon D's stuff white people do. While hilarious, I can't help but be frightened as well (by the white folks making these idiotic assertions, I mean).

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I've been watching the footage of these town hall meetings with a feeling of utter dread. Something in this "post-racial" America has all the racist white people flipping the fuck out. And what is that something, you ask? Why, it's a black man in the big house! And he wants to reform health care. OMG nooooesss!

What the fuck are these people going on about any way? Oh, you want your America back, you say? And what America is that, pray-tell? I'm going to also steal a comment from Macon D's post on this (can't help it--he's got some good stuff there). Anyway, this comment from Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist! is dead-on:

I want an America that:

-still legalizes slavery
-still forbids women from voting
-still criminalizes homsexuality
-blacklists anyone who's a "commie"
-women should shut up and stay in the kitchen
-blacks, Asians, and immigrants not allowed to go to all-white schools
-the Confederate flag still allowed to fly in the air
-Hollywood leading roles in movies and TV shows should only go to white people
-no foreign languages allowed in school.. except Latin! since it's a dead language.


yeah? Is that what these racist white folks want? Pathetic.
They're not saying this per-se, but it is implied. And no one's using the word "terrorists" to describe the assholes bringing guns to the town hall meetings. But that's only for scary brown people, right?

The only people crying about "their" America is white people. Is whiteness so threatened by a black man in the White House that it will long for the good ol' days (read: the glory days of white people)?

My mind boggles at the utter fuckwittery involved in this "debate" as white people throw around their racism--and yeah, it's racism. One doesn't need to say the n-word in order to be a fucking ignorant racist.

Apparently health care that would benefit everyone is too much for these privileged bastards to handle.