Friday, August 28, 2009

stufflikemikans: send me this!

I mean, you're all in the land of awesome things. I expect a case of the above, along with my panda toaster. LOL.

H/T: Shakesville for image


stufflikemikans said...

Ahh yes, cucumber Pepsi. One of the many weird flavors Pepsi in Japan has come out with.

Unfortunately, it was only out for a limited time. It came out last summer before I got here. This summer, we had Pepsi shiso. (A type of Korean mint). It tasted like ass to me, but Jonny thought it was awesome.

I can try to send you whatever genius flavor they come out with next summer. Right now, I could send you a weird kit-kat flavor (the latest I believe is plum soda flavor). There's also weird flavors of Doritos, such as fried chicken flavor. (eww...)

I will definitely send you a Panda toaster as soon as I find one!

FilthyGrandeur said...

once again, i giggle at the thought of a minty-ass flavor...

not only does Japan have all the cute stuff, there's also no inhibitions with any and all flavors. that's awesome, and a little frightening...