Sunday, August 2, 2009


It says volumes of me that as soon as I got to Florida I checked out my blog...well, I'll make it quick. I was just checking my stats, when I came to this site, which links to my post about Extenze for women. Apparently me talking about Extenze for women at all counts as an "Extenze for women link." Uh, no, assholes--you completely missed the point. Not to mention that the quote that is under my link is a quote I took directly from the Extenze for women website.

So let's be clear: I, FilthyGrandeur, think this product is fucking ridiculous, and I do not, nor does the "o filthy grandeur!" site endorse this shit product.

Then again, maybe it's a good thing--hopefully people become aware of how stupid it is and change their minds about buying it.

I love that I'm at the top of their link list to. I feel all powerful. I have to wonder about the amount of research the went into this link compilation.


Unknown said...

Aren't they redic in their glory grabbing! great retort, let'em have it sis!

Patrick said...

Awesom! I think it's GREAT that you're at the top of the links there. Hopefully, it'll get anyone curious about this product, that is not only demeaning but also fraudulent, before giving money to this disreputable company.